What We Believe

The Sanctuary follows the teachings instructed by Jesus Christ and the examples carried out by the Apostles in the book of Acts.  We believe in identifying with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ through our own New Birth experience.  We die out to the old man through repentance and turning away from our sins.  We are buried with Him by baptism in the name of Jesus Christ.  Then, we experience new life through the infilling of the gift of the Holy Ghost.


We believe in miracles and divine healing.  There are many in our congregation who have testimonies of God healing them from all kinds of illness and disease, including fibromyalgia, heart blockage, allergies, kidney problems, and much more.  We also believe in the power of God's deliverance as there are many testimonies in our church of people being delivered from all manner of addictions.


Since we are Spirit-filled and have witnessed God's miraculous healing and delivering power, we love to express our worship to Him the way the Bible describes through lifting up our hands, praying aloud, clapping, and singing.  You will find our worship service to be dynamic and uplifting, and you will no doubt leave refreshed by God's Spirit.


Many people just like you have found hope, healing, and deliverance, as well as their own life-changing New Birth experience here at The Sanctuary.  If you have a specific need or if you are interested in a personal Bible study, we would love the opportunity to minister to you.  Our goal is to help each person find, develop, and maintain their own relationship with Jesus Christ.